8 EXACT Moments You Rage Quit In Video Games

Screw Sekiro's Chained Ogre.

Sekiro shadows die twice
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If you're to go by the mainstream media, then gamers are, for the most part, angry little balls of negative energy that will erupt into a torrent of foul-mouthed moaning.

And you know what, Mr. So-Called-Mainstream-Media....

...you're kind of on the money with that one.

However before you write us all off, let me explain, as sometimes our tirade of toddler-like behaviour is justified!

Sometimes you're forced through a video game section so utterly infuriating that subsequent failure and restarting is only ever going to illicit some language so blue that Eiffel 65 did a follow-up track about it.

In fact let me present to you some moments so encrusted with salt that even a League of Legends player would turn it down, and trust me those guys LOVE a bit of Sodium Chloride, in an effort to explain why we rage against the dying light and will not go silently into the night.

So buckle in. We're about to get fizzy.

8. Getting Spawn Slaughtered - Any FPS 

Sekiro shadows die twice

If modern FPS titles have taught us anything, it's not that War itself is Hell, but that online multiplayer matches might be.

From the obvious levels of abuse and harassment that goes on from the lobby, through the matches and beyond, to the move towards twitch style gameplay which can see you dying in an instant, it's fair to say that emotions are pretty high across the board and it's very common to see players rage quit upon a losing streak, bad teamwork and of course when there are hackers roaming the servers.

Yet there is actually one instance to purpose-built to make you put your fist through a wall that it's actually shocking how it's still so prevalent in top tier titles even to this day, and that's getting Spawn Slaughtered.

If your opponent is routinely able to round the corner just as your loading in and offload a full clip into your face then this is a huge issue, as not only does it put you at a disadvantage, you're also further away from a victory as your deaths begin to pile up.

Savvy gamers who learn exactly where players will drop and exploit that really are the worst, and while you can't fault them for gaming a system in clear need of fixing, you'll be cursing their names until your dying days.

"Curse you, xxBigBoobieBulletBoy69xx"


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