8 EXACT Moments You Rage Quit In Video Games

7. Control - GoldenEye 007

Sekiro shadows die twice

After spending a few years on the block, I've noticed a rather funny thing about N64 Goldeneye fans. They do not like it in the slightest if you have anything bad to say about the game, yet will routinely call aspects of it "utter !*$%" when it comes to speed runs.

And one can find no better example of "utter !*$%" than in the level Control which may well be the most artificially difficult level in the game, so much so that many players probably broke their N64 controller in two before realizing that "wait actually this is now just a regular controller which is so much better than this hand mangler".

How Control earns the "artificial" aspect of its inflated difficulty is down to the rogue A.I knew as Natalya who James Bond needs to protect as she hacks different computer terminals. Now for some reason, Natalya has clearly been programmed with added Stockholm Syndrome, as she will routinely run in between 007 and the guards that want them both dead.

"No James don't they're just misunderstood!" She'll cry while taking a shotgun slug to the back. "Please James they're actually really nice" she'll gurgle with a mouthful of blood as you accidentally shoot her.

It's utterly draining how dense she is, and it's a testament to her idiocy that guides on higher difficulties teach you exploits to work around her Lemming-like self-preservation skills.


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