8 Fake Game Over Screens You Must See

8. Batman: Arkham Asylum

batman arkham asylum

Now originally I didn’t include this on the first list, and this clearly irked a fair few people, such as Providence who wrote “No Arkham Asylum?” That had one of the best game over screens I’ve ever seen, I legitimately thought I’d broken the game”

And it’s easy to see why it caused so much horror in Bat-fans, because the moment Scarecrow infects The World's Greatest Detective with his fear serum, the whole world and the game around it comes crashing down.

As you’re running through this retread of an earlier section of the game, suddenly the gameplay freezes in such a convincing manner that it’s almost gutting to witness. However, as things restart and you see the switched positions of Batman and Joker in the Batmobile you know something isn’t right.

Things then escalate further when the player takes control of the Joker and moves up to a trapped Batman. Once he fires the gun, a game over screen is shown, and the only advice the player is given is “push the middle thumbstick” - a prompt that is impossible unless you’re playing with an N64 controller and how... what and why would you?

Still though a great fake out.


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