8 Gaming Heroes You Didn't Realise Actually Killed Innocents

7. Gary - Pokemon Red/Blue

Red and Blue were the first releases of what would become a highly successful franchise, both in gaming and television. It's truly astounding how a game based on bug-catching grew into this phenomenon that's affected millions of kids and adults worldwide. All big things end up developing a mythology though, and Pokemon's no exception. From the first game forwards, rumours began to spread about varying factors present in the infrastructure. Some of these were completely harmless, like being able to capture Mew, while others were dangerous, such as the whole area that was Lavender Town. As was hypothesised in a previous article, the presence of a mass Pokemon graveyard may have been the reason why many of these gruesome myths grew popular in mainstream culture. Out of all of them, though, the one that stands out with the most evidence behind it is that of Gary/Blue/Rival killing his own Raticate. During your initial battles with him, Gary uses a Rattata that soon evolves into a Raticate. When you're exploring the Ghost Tower in Lavender Town, you once again fight Gary; however this time, the only Pokemon in his roster that's changed is the Raticate into a Gyarados. It doesn't really help that the background setting to the entire battle is a plethora of gravestones marking the deaths of beloved comrades.

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