8 Gaming Heroes You Didn’t Realise Probably Died Horrible Deaths

8. Jack Marston - Red Dead Redemption

It's totally a noble pursuit, the old 'avenging my father's killer' motive, and it's one done the utmost justice in Red Dead's true final mission that saw you tracking down Ross and dumping a full revolver-chamber into him before watching his blimp-like corpse float off down the river.

Hang on a minute though...

Jack Marsden is definitely not cut from the same cloth/hardened leather as his father. This is a man who was raised entirely as a farmhand, rather than rolling with the baddest set of train-robbing gangsters this side of Ronnie Biggs. Whilst you can make a case for not knowing what Jack has been up to in the interim between his father getting riddled with bullets and him turning up at the subsequent gravesite, it's been three measly years of preparation for little Jack, and chances are if he wasn't doing his best to fell a wayward bear or wandering cougar he'd of been taking care of his mother anyway.

Following that final confrontation Jack sets about roaming the lands once again, doing the whole 'cowboy thing' (with no real training) and wrangling up a few horses or perhaps attempting to take on a bounty contract (against middle-aged outlaws who have been doing this thing for thrice his lifetime). Needless to say, if a cougar didn't have his shins off a particularly perturbed bandit could have shot his hat off from a mile away.

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