8 Great Trailers For Underwhelming Video Games

It all started so well.

Crystal Dynamics

Do you remember THAT Halo 3 reveal trailer, or a certain Gears of War teaser, backed by Gary Joules' Mad World?

Trailers that were so great that the game immediately resonated with you?

A great video game trailer can sell a game to an audience before they've even seen any gameplay. As video games have slowly begun to match the film industry in the use of powerful cinematics, a powerfully shot trailer has become a vital promotional element for a video game in the modern age.

However, a trailer is never a guarantee of the final product, and while making a good cinematic trailer has become a bit of an artform, there are instances where developers just couldn’t stick the landing when it came to the full game.

Many trailers are guilty of showing off elements of early concepts for the game that didn’t quite make the final cut, graphics that are downgraded in the retail version, and in general, just cleverly hiding the bad aspects of the game.

There are scores of great game trailers that resulted in less than impressive video games, and these are just a handful of the times we've been burnt bad.

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