8 Greatest Adventure Games We All Still Love

These brilliant games have cult-fanbases dating back for years, and are still totally worth playing today.

Tim Schafer€™s has just released the first part of his brand new adventure game Broken Age, and it marks his first return to the genre in over ten years. Over the years Schafer has, along with Ron Gilbert and LucasArts, produced some of the most popular and critically-acclaimed adventure games to have ever released. Although the genre has seen something of a decline recently there are still some absolute gems from the past that are still hugely popular. You have examples such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Broken Sword and Maniac Mansion. All of these still have massive followings amongst fans, proving the genre still has plenty to offer. This list will count down some of the less obvious adventure games that everyone still loves. These will include brilliant games that still have cult-followings, years after they released. We€™ve tried not to include entries like the Monkey Island series as they have already appeared in plenty of lists on What Culture already.

8. Sanitarium

Sanitarium has come something of a cult classic in recent years with many adventure game enthusiasts regarding it as an excellent title. Releasing in 1998 to positive reviews the title was developed by DreamForge Intertainment. The protagonist Max wakes up in an asylum with severe amnesia after a car crash. You set out to find out exactly who you are and why you are there. As you journey through the game you are transported to a variety of different areas, however it is unclear as to whether you are really there or if they are a figment of Max€™s imagination. You€™ll encounter truly terrifying sights throughout the game. Mutilated children, incomprehensible ramblings from the insane, and disturbing images are just part of what you will come across.. The game will leave an impression on you, whether it is disgust at what you can see or sorrow for the horrors inflicted upon those you find. Unlike most other adventure games this title uses a birds-eye view. It takes place throughout different worlds, each with a very distinctive look. This helps to keep the game flowing and fresh. It features a good mix of difficult and straightforward puzzles along with a soundtrack that fits with the chilling feeling from the story. If you loved Sanitarium then you€™ll be happy to hear that a spiritual successor to the game is in the works from a number of staff who were part of DreamForge Intertainment. Shades of Sanity doesn€™t have a release date but you can see the official game page at its website.
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