8 Greatest Adventure Games We All Still Love

7. Simon The Sorcerer II: The Lion, The Wizard And The Wardrobe

Simon The Sorcerer was something of a cult game when it first released, and suffered from a number of problems that put some players off. The sequel came around in 1995 and was a clear improvement. Adventure Soft had fixed most of the problems and created a much stronger game overall. Featuring a ridiculous plot and plenty of humour the game is less serious than the other entries on this list. But that is what sets it apart and why it is loved so much. The enemy from the predecessor has been brought back to life and is looking for vengeance. You€™ll never be short of a fantasy reference or a satirical comment on pop culture while playing Simon the Sorcerer II, and many of them are still relevant today. Underlying the whole experience is this biting humour that runs through all of it. The puzzles in the game are tough. However they aren€™t difficult in that the solution is incredibly complicated, but more that they are just abstract and weird. This compliments the over-the-top nature of the game well. You might get stuck on a puzzle but the simplicity of the solution will probably leave you more frustrated than the puzzle itself ever did. It€™s also longer than your average adventure game. However it fills up its time effectively, so that it never feels boring or drawn out. The musical score is one of the best to be in an adventure game in the sense that every piece of sound fits completely with its surrounding.
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