8 Greatest Video Game DLCS Of All Time

Say it loud because these expansions do their titles proud!

The Last of Us Left Behind
Naughty Dog

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Hello all of you little demons, Jules here for WhatCulture.com and when it comes to video games, in the current state of the industry, you can't go two steps without bumping into a piece of shoddy downloadable content (or as the case may be having it thrust into your face at every given opportunity).

It seems that more and more video games are chopping out content, skins and even features only to sell them back to us at a later date. It's a model that unfortunately works, meaning we're actually paying more to receive less than ever from the vanilla experiences of our games. Things have even reached a level of sheer parody with titles like Dead Or Alive 6 which charges you to change your hair colour... and then charges you AGAIN should you wish to revert back to the original shade.

As a bald man, I can't express how this infuriates me. Not even in my video games can I catch a free follicle break.

That being said, there are diamonds in the rough that aren't mere cash grab attempts to part players with pennies and are in fact stellar experiences that sometimes even best the main content in terms of quality.

So let's raise a glass and toast the expansions and DLC that allowed us to love again. Or at least have a great time.

8. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

The Last of Us Left Behind

So, as has been made very, VERY clear, the Red Dead franchise is a RATHER GOOD SERIES OF VIDEO GAMES. And each title from Redemption 1 and 2 and especially my first sweetheart Red Dead Revolver contains moments of sheer brilliance greater than most other video games could ever hope to achieve.

Yet while Redemption 2 might be walking along with its big old horse balls dangling down, when it comes to DLC, its predecessor blows it out of the water entirely. For while both games received hefty DLC updates which added in new customisation options, gameplay modes, and activities, Red Dead Redemption decided to spook up a storm with Undead Nightmare, quite possibly the best action-horror experience I've played in years.

The entire tone of the title is shifted to a b movie zombie gorefest and along with it came new and terrifying enemies, a brand new visual aesthetic and of course hours upon hours of new and bizarre missions. The town defence distraction alone was a slice of fried gold, but the whole experience was just a level above anything we'd seen before.

Plus those moans. Jesus. They're still haunting me.


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