8 Hidden Video Game Modes You Never Knew About

The sneakiest secret modes that change the whole experience.

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Very rarely these days will you find a video game that only has one single gameplay mode all the way through. The bigger developers' visions get, the more the old adage of "do one thing, but do it well" seems to be slowly falling by the wayside.

That's not to suggest that one style is better than the other, or that developers are wrong for extending the scope of their gameplay with all sorts of minigames and quirky side activities (Just look at GTA!). After all, it's this style that lends itself so well to hidden secrets, some of which are entirely new modes you had no idea were there.

So, if you're playing a zombie survival game and suddenly want to switch to some old-fashioned colourful platforming; or, if you're playing a modern reboot and yearn for a burst of '90s nostalgia; or even, if you're just sick of playing as the same boring character the whole time...these 8 games have got you covered.

And, more often than not, once you've unearthed these little secrets, you may never want to play the game without them again.

8. Play As Luigi - New Super Mario Bros.

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The modern instalments of the Super Mario Bros. series are largely geared towards local multiplayer, i.e. playing with your friends. If you don't have any friends, however, or they're all too <i>cool</i> to play video games, it's the single player experience for you. Not a bad thing by any stretch, but in New Super Mario Bros., if you were getting your hopes up to play as your favourite Mario bro, Luigi, you're gonna be in for some disappointment.

Unless you know the hidden trick to unlocking him, that is!

By holding down the L and R buttons while on the file select menu and then clicking on your save file, you'll hear the green-clad plumber himself cry out, "Luigi!", and then sure enough, it's him in the spotlight from that point on!

This mode is so simple to unlock, but equally easy to miss, since the game doesn't tell you about it anywhere. If you're one of those people who prefers to play as Luigi but could never figure out the secret to unlocking him...join the club, my friend.

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