8 Incredible Video Game Powers You Barely Got To Use!

A Fleeting Taste Of Raw Power.

Apple Of Eden

Video games, at their cores, are power fantasy experiences. Whether being a title that allows you to run amok with superpowers, blasting entire buildings to rubble, or by stripping away everything to make you feel vulnerable, what you can or cannot do are used to feed the player a sense of progression, empowerment, and to immerse them more and more into the game.

Some games, however, well they like to give us a little taste of raw, unbridled power so acute that it might possibly break the game should the player have access to this for longer than a few minutes at a time.

Others even go so far as to hide these supercharged sections deep within the game so that only the most dedicated will be able to wield such overwhelming energies.

Whatever the case may be, these video games made us feel like golden gods, if only for a brief fleeting moment or two, teasing us with what could have been if they wanted to take the limiters off this raging engine that had been otherwise purring along nice and quietly.

8. The Flamethrower - Zombies Ate My Neighbours!

Apple Of Eden

When confronted by hoards of the undead, you're going to want a trusty pipe or ten in order to stab through their various squishy parts, but for those looking for a more hands-off experience, might I suggest today's a la carte item of Chargrilled Zombie?

It pairs deliciously with a maniacal laugh so I'm told.

Well, this delish dish can be yours should you explore the digital realms of the brilliantly silly Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the SNES, whereby a secret flamethrower can indeed be found on level 22 of the game. In order to get to the secret area, you'd need to have found the Skeleton Key in level 15, but even when you approach the secret object marker, DON'T leave the area quite yet.

Many people think that this secret icon is the sole reason for this area, but if you approach the wall to your right, move about until you hear a little "bleep" and huzzah you'll have found the one and only flamethrower in the game!

This weapon absolutely tanks enemies, turning you into the lord of BBQ-based death, but you need to be sparing with the flames as you only get one in the game and no way to refuel it. Still, for a while, you're pretty much the hottest thing going in this game.

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