8 Incredible Video Game Powers You Barely Got To Use!

7. Black Dragon Blade - Ninja Gaiden Black (Original)

Apple Of Eden

In a game as crushingly difficult as Ninja Gaiden Black, players are going to be looking everywhere they can for weapons to even the score against the tide of pain coming their way. Luckily the game does offer some solutions to the problem of getting your spine kicked out of your skin in the form of The Ninja Dog Mode and The Black Dragon Blade.

Now the former is not something that players should really be aiming for, seeing as this is the game's frankly insulting "easy mode" which will trigger if the player dies so many times that the title gets embarrassed for you and asks if you want to tone things down a notch. It even rewards you with a pink bow to show to the world that you are indeed a...er...Ninja Dog.

WELL NUTS TO THAT RIGHT? LET'S SHOW THEM THIS MUTTS MIGHT! To do this you're going to want to aim for The Black Dragon Blade, the most powerful weapon in the game that will make bosses look like they're made out of paper for how easily you slice through them. Using this beast is almost its own easy mode as you'll rip and tear so hard that the DOOM SLAYER might lawyer up.

Only one issue presents itself, however, and that's the fact that this costs 50 Scarabs, rare items that you will literally only just have enough of in the stage before the final boss, meaning that while you are now no longer a Ninja dog and are making others your bitch, you only do so for about 15 minutes.


Thankfully the re-release of the game allowed you to carry the sword over into New Game+ but in the original version? Tough luck.

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