8 Incredibly Dark Video Game Secrets You Wish You Never Found

Some easter eggs should be left buried.

arkham knight joker cremation

Seeing as we're pretty much bred to be inquisitive tykes, humans have always poked their noses into the deepest corners of the globe in search of answers.

Finding out what makes something work, adapting that knowledge to create new objects and then pondering aloud of the greater meaning of it all is just in our nature, so of course, when it comes to video games, there's usually not a stone left unturned by our sniffing and snooping.

We're pretty lucky then, that a slew of developers just love planting their digital flag on these less travelled routes, sneaking in Easter Eggs and secrets for us to seek out.

However, sometimes, venturing off the beaten path isn't exactly a fun ride, because the content we uncover is pretty grim and horrible!

From murder cover-ups to disgusting revelations about our favourite characters, these Easter Eggs and secrets will make you wish they'd stayed that way.

8. A Very Creepy Billboard - California Speed

arkham knight joker cremation

It's very rare for a video game Easter Egg to eclipse the title that it's actually from, but when it does happen then it's probably for a good reason.

Case and point California Speed, an otherwise fun but rather unassuming racing game that made its way to the N64 in 1998. Players were content to speed around the numerous tracks in bright blocky cars, but it soon became clear that there was something rather sinister going on underneath the hood.

Players began reporting sightings of a Billboard that wasn't plastered in the usual gaudy logos and text of fake in-game brands, but instead came with a message that read:






I do."

Okaaaaay. That I could have probably done without ever seeing ever. Yet unfortunately, this was now burned into the collective conscious forevermore.

Somewhat taking away from this secret however was an interview with one of the games art directors, who said he put the image there to remind other artists to change it to something more friendly for the game, however thanks to poor quality control it made its way onto Nintendo's grey beast and terrified unsuspecting players.


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