8 Incredibly Dark Video Game Secrets You Wish You Never Found

7. Dixie's Personal Stash - Fallout 4

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The Fallout franchise is one so utterly dripping with dark and horrible secrets that doctors have labelled it "concerning".

From almost every irradiated pore comes tales of horror courtesy of denizens of the Wasteland who would do literally anything to survive, and when combined with the general bleakness of the setting, makes for a dark experience indeed.

Even characters who announce their love for violence, murder and depravity are hiding dark and terrible secrets, and of all of them, none are as chilling to the core as Dixie who can be encountered in Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC. Now Dixie isn't exactly quiet about her raider lifestyle, however thanks to her "butter wouldn't melt" cadence and her general friendliness, players might see her as more of an anti-hero than anything else.

However, if you venture into her shack you'll find a secret so disturbing that you'll be wanting to jump to Far Harbour just to get away from her, and that's the audio diaries she keeps on her desk. Here you'll find the last recordings of the previous holotape owner who details how they met the lovely and kind woman known as Dixie on their travels and who is offering them a passage to Nuka World and apparent safety.

Yet as the audiotape plays on, you hear the brutal murder of the survivors at the hands of Dixie who clearly enjoys murder for the sheer sport of it, and when you compile this with the other reports of her slavery ring, makes for a character who's very shadow will cause you to panic.


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