8 Incredibly Weird Stats Video Games Keep Track Of

The strangest moments. Captured forever.


Who doesn't love a good old video game stat? After a hard-fought battle or tense round of multiplayer action, there's nothing better than watching a replay of your exploits and then heading online to track your movements, deaths, favourite camping-I-mean-really-tactical-shooting-spots and your monolithic murder tally.

However, some games go beyond tracking mere wins and losses, or keeping score of your oh so precious kill/death ratio. Here, you'll find that these titles have been keeping a close eye on you while you do unspeakable, terrible and sometimes hilariously embarrassing things just so they can throw this information in your face further down the line.

If you thought the game keeping track of your information was always a Good Thing, perhaps you'll think again when you get a load of the misdeeds and misdemeanours this set of titles has been tallying. They're not hi-scores you'll gladly show your friends, to put it lightly.


8. Corpses Eaten - Fallout


The Fallout franchise is unquestionably pretty dark. From slavers preying on the weak, to gangs of chem fiends roaming the wasteland in search of a fix or some of the old ultra-violence, there's a fight around every corner and these horrors are taking no prisoners.

Therefore, after spending so long out in the irradiated wastes alongside such reprobates, you too might find yourself falling into a life of crime and theft. After all, it's survival of the fittest and you need to do whatever it takes to make it through the day.

However, petty theft and a wee bit of brain bashing is one thing, but eating corpses is another and no matter where you are in the Wasteland, having a quick munch on some man matter isn't going to go down too well. So the fact that the game actively tracks your fall from humanity really is the dev going the extra mile to call you out as a monster. As if the eternal shame of being akin to a zombie wasn't bad enough, knowing that somewhere the games are tutting away as they check a box makes it all the worse.

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