8 Indie Game Characters We’d Love To See In Super Smash Bros

Who do you want to see "join the battle"?!

Cuphead Pacifist
Studio MDHR

People like to think of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the most significant crossover of popular culture characters, but the gamers of the world all know it's the classic Nintendo series Super Smash Bros. This franchise took the imagination of children worldwide and turned it into a reality, allowing for all of those playground "who would win in a fight" debates to find life on the screen.

The host of Nintendo characters in the Smash roster have expanded wildly, stepping out of the Nintendo restrictions and adding video game icons from all over the gaming sphere. Still, although the ranks of Smash is huge, fans' thirst for new characters will never be quenched, and there's one great well of names that the series hasn't drawn from as much as it could.

Independent video games have seen such a huge surge in the last decade, with even Nintendo massively benefitting from porting them to the Switch. So, why not go a bit further and place a bunch of these characters into their formative crossover fighting series?


This list will only contain one character from each series discussed.

8. Bendy (Bendy And The Ink Machine)

Cuphead Pacifist
Joey Drew Studios

Splatoon's Inklings shouldn't be the only characters who can use ink in their arsenal.

Anyone who's played Bendy and the Ink Machine knows that it's a delightfully macabre title that looks through the lens of classic animation companies like Disney in a new light. Every company needs a mascot, for Disney, it's Mickey Mouse, and for Joey Drew, it's Bendy.

Bendy is a visually striking character, as their forced smile and classic cartoon design makes them equal parts adorable and terrifying. While the version of Bendy you'll be dealing with in the game is far from the mascot's original form, his traditional look would make a great new Smash character.

Horror and Smash Bros aren't a dynamic that goes together all too often, but that's precisely why chucking this creepy Mickey Mouse rip-off into the game could be incredibly exciting. His visual design would quickly go against the grain, and players that like a little bit of darkness would flock to him.

Plus, as stated earlier, an ink-based move-set could be a fascinating way to bring the character's spirit to life in the brawler.


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