8 INSANELY Evil Choices You Can Make In Fallout

Super Mutants aren't the only monsters here.

Fallout child killer

One of the most glorious features of the Fallout franchise is that no matter which horribly irradiated corner of the globe you crawl out of your Vault from, the choices you make after are entirely down to you. Sure, there's a main quest in mind for each of these games, but there are countless side missions and character interactions for you to explore.

And with such a deadly combo of freedom to explore and choices to make of course people will choose to play their character as an utter dick. And I'm not just talking about your run of the mill evil here, we're talking about the cream of the crap; the utter scumbags who laugh at you exploding Megaton as mere child's play. Who smugly snort at you putting bombs into a ghoul's back pocket as if it were a warmup act, and who likely kick dogs on the weekend for fun.

So let's brace ourselves for what is most likely going to be equal parts darkly comic and utterly horrifying, as we look across the Fallout universe and find the exact moments that you went beyond just being bad.


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8. Use A Child To Deliver A Terrible Message - Fallout 2

Fallout child killer

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This sentiment can best sum up John Bishop of the Bishop clan who can be found in Fallout 2. This power hungry and ruthless leader will do anything possible to make sure he and his family are the most powerful force in New Reno.

What this meant to the protagonist of Fallout 2 is an opportunity to earn a lot of cash quickly in exchange for every single shred of humanity. For you see John Bishop wants you to assassinate Frank Carlson, the vice-president of the NCR which will help him destabilise the area and allow him to get his people on the inside.

How you do this can take a multitude of ways, but if you're feeling especially evil you can approach Carlson's residence and speak to his son. His son is a brat by the way with all the trappings of a spoiled rich kid, but that doesn't excuse putting a bomb into the kids pocket, sending him to go fetch his father and then detonating the devices killing them both.

That's involving another, innocent life and possibly countless others in harms way all for the sake of being that level of mustache twirling evil that Dick Dastardly dreams of. And it's hardly subtle to boot.

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