8 Joke Video Game Weapons That Destroyed Video Games

Having the last laugh.

red faction mr toots
Deep Silver

Despite the rather dour nature of some titles on the market at the moment, especially those focusing on death, social decay, and more downers than would fit into We Happy Few, video games at their core are meant to be enjoyable experiences, right?

And you don't get much more positive and happy than when titles throw their serious hat out the window and pop on the much more over-the-top "silly hat"

This hat, complete with feathers, whistles, and loud clanging bells might be an utter eyesore but its jovial nature allows for even the most straight-faced title to crack a smile once in a while, and there's no better expression of this labored metaphor than when it comes to joke weapons.

Now usually joke weapons are just that, silly little inclusions that are designed to provide a little giggle at players trying to use them or as winks and nods to other titles.

However, sometimes a joke weapon will bomb in a very different sense, as they will be so ludicrously overpowered that they quite frankly break the game they're in.

8. Real Mega Buster - Dead Rising

red faction mr toots

The Dead Rising series is no stranger to joke weapons, in fact, you could well argue that its lineage and durability within the industry is based on the horror shows you can cobble together to dismember the undead in painful and painfully funny ways.

You've got your classics like the drill bucket, the Roaring Thunder, and of course the dildo launcher, but to be honest I'm not sure if combo weapons should count for this list as it's technically two weapons you're fusing together. How about instead we jump all the way back to the original game and take a look at the Mega Buster!

The original Dead Rising was devoid of Combo Weapons, and as such its range of items to slay the undead was much smaller and "slightly" more serious. Therefore the ability to unlock the Real Mega Buster was not only hilarious but it utterly broke the game in half.

Psychopaths could be taken down within seconds of sustained fire, and zombies couldn't even get close enough to try and bite you with one of these equipped. It was as hilarious to use as it was utterly devastating!


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