8 Massive Online Community Events That Changed Video Games

MMOs took on a life of their own with these unexpected community events.

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Massively multiplayer online titles have always lived and died on their communities. Unlike other releases, however, the ability of players to make a considerable impact on the online environment is considerably higher. Players are openly encouraged to meet other players, form clans and tackle various in-game tasks together.

Throughout its history, the genre has also played host to many developer interventions, placing them on a closer level with those who play on a frequent basis. The constantly evolving nature of the business means many changes can be made, often abruptly to the detriment of the fanbase.

Either they forced the developer to make drastic cuts and changes, or they fundamentally changed the landscapes of the games they took place in. Patches were issued, players met their demise and developers responded swiftly to stop the bleeding in some cases. Spreading like wildfire among the in-game populous, if you've ever played any of the following MMOs, you may well be aware of these occurrences.

The eight events in this list have been etched in the annals of gaming history and I'm about to tell you why.

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