8 More Bizarre Methods To Heal Yourself In Video Games

Oh, Konami...


When it comes to video games, you've got to approach things with a sense that reality, as harsh a mistress as it is, must be left outside in the cold only able to look in at the silliness and pure escapism you're entering into.

Gone are things like not being able to do a single pull-up as here you're leaping over buildings with ease. So long responsibilities and commitments I've got a car to throw at a bad guy to get on with.

However, despite leaving reservations behind, you do sometimes get smacked with video game moments that are like smelling salts to your senses, leading you to question just what the hell the developers were thinking.

And today we apply that stinky logic to healing items, as to be clear some of these are just so out there that it will blow your mind.

8. Planting A Tree - Shadowrun (2007)

FASA Studio

So, let's begin with a question.

In battle, while the bullets are flying all around you and magic is scorching the mortar next to your precious bonce, what's the absolute last thing you'd think to do as the enemy forces advance on your position?

If you said "plant a !*$% tree" then congrats you win absolutely nothing other than a bullet in the back while you're tending to your botanical wonder.

Say hello to The Tree Of Life from Shadowrun, a spell that you can bust out to regain a few precious points of health should you find you've been sipping on a shotgun shell sandwich. Now while an actual Tree Of Life does make some sense as an object of renewal and life seeing as it's an object that appears across a multitude of religions and mythological tales, it makes decidedly less sense when applied to the Shadowrun game itself.

And why is that? Well because the tree in question apparently doesn't give two squirts of piss who's next to it and will heal both you and your team, but also any enemies near it.

Thus you have a spell that looks and acts in a truly bizarre manner, a giant tree of love that you might end up hating as it regenerates your enemies back to full health.

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