8 More Bizarre Methods To Heal Yourself In Video Games

7. Your Enemies Blood! - Ultrakill

Arsi Patala

So Ultrakill, if you can't tell by the extremely subtle name, is a title that is a LITTLE BIT VIOLENT.

And by that, I mean that if you're not killing something every single second you're playing then you simply aren't playing it right, as this is a game that rewards, punishes, and even heals you by getting stuck in and tearing off the jaws of your enemies to turn into a makeshift backscratcher.

Yet it's the last part of those mechanics that proves to be the most bizarre, as you do in fact heal yourself by bathing in the literal blood of your enemies. The game makes it clear that going up against hordes of enemies is going to leave you with a few scratches, and so to remedy this you need to get right up close and let the blood you so wantonly spill dowse you entirely.

Now the game does cap how much you can heal to stop people just spamming attacks over and over, but the fact that you can juice back up thanks to whatever body gravy you spill is utterly insane! Brilliant fun though.

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