8 More Iconic Video Game Weapons

What beats Scorpion's spear??

Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion
NetherRealm Studios

Weapons are one of the most important and memorable parts of all games, so getting them absolutely right can be a powerful boon to any franchise. They'll either look insanely cool, make you tremble with excitement or are just endlessly fun to use.

Whether or not a game keeps the player engaged is a massive factor in how successful a title can be, and unsurprisingly the weapons used go a long way to solidifying that engagement.

After all, hitting things has proven so successful in video games over the years, it's at least one third of the gameplay in almost all of them.

It's very rare to find a memorable character that feels complete without their signature means of dealing out violent justice. Some are so ingrained into the lore of their franchise...they'd never be the same without them.

Throughout gaming history there've been many iconic weapons that have stayed the test of time and never waned in popularity. Some slice, some smash, some tear, and some leave absolutely nothing in their wake but all are absolutely adored.

8. The Blades Of Chaos (God Of War)

Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion
SIE Santa Monica Studio

It's a good thing that Kratos has always had fun, engaging and powerful weapons to help annihilate the servants of his treacherous gods. After all, the odds are so often heavily stacked against him that his mission often seems almost impossible but his weapons consistently level the playing field.

The combat in God Of War has always been the outstanding aspect of the games and the weapons play a vital role.

Each drastically different weapon always allowed for a completely unique and mesmerizing move set which, when used properly, can lay waste to dozens of NPC's in blistering time.

However, it's the Blades of Chaos that are most memorable. Kratos was given them by the harpies for his service to Ares, the Greek god of war, and they quickly became his signature death dealers.

They're capable of dealing out near limitless damage and can stun lock or juggle opponents longer than almost any other in his arsenal. He becomes an unstoppable killing machine wielding them and they reveal themselves to be the perfect tool for him to enact his venegence throughout the series.


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