8 More Secret Game Over Screens That Were Total Genius

Jump inside Mr. Slave or let the world explode? You know what to do.

South Park The Stick of Truth

Video game developers are always trying to mess with players, but that's only because we players are always trying to mess with video game developers.

Constantly trying to push the boundaries of whatever we can do in any given title, at every turn we're ready to go off the beaten path and avoid doing what the devs expect us to, simply to satiate our curiosity.

However, for the most part everything a fan can come up with to try and break the experience and subvert expectations has usually been accounted for. The more boring developers out there throw up an invisible wall or literally demand that gamers return to the specific path they're supposed to take, but there are some creatives that actively reward player-driven tomfoolery.

Secret game over screens have become an accepted - and oftentimes hilarious - way of acknowledging the ingenuity of players, offering a surprising reward for the small percentage of those who probe the right areas or make unconventional decisions.

Often it comes at their expense, of course, but hey, they can't have anything.


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