8 More Video Games Where YOU Are The Final Boss

Stop hitting yourself (again).

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There's nothing better than taking down a video game boss after a hard fight right? Well what if that boss also happened to be YOU?

Well, that's the situation we found ourselves in with these eight video games, who either forced us to confront our own fears in the form of a battle against the self, or through some means of space-time trickery ended up being you from another world or dimension.

And you know what? It's great to have a battle against a mirror copy of the protagonist because after all, they know all your tricks when you're going to use them and have the added power of "being an evil bastard" which all make for some compelling battles that really push you to your (and by extension their own) limits!

So you think you're tough?

Well, why don't you throw down against yourself in a playground scrap sure to have at least a few people chanting for you to stop hitting yourself.

8. Dragon's Dogma

doom Eternal

Now I ask you, when you picked up a copy of a video game called "Dragon's Dogma" and saw that there's a massive Dragon on the front and that the game opens with a Dragon stealing your heart while also basically screaming "i'm the bad guy", who did you think you'd finish this title in battle with?

Well if you said "The Dragon" then I'm sorry you're an absolute idiot because of course the answer we were looking for was "yourself..kinda....but only on New Game Plus"

I tell you I'd make a terrible quiz host with answers like that.

However such is the situation you find yourself in should you roll through the mightily impressive "will you shut up about Harpies for two seconds?" simulator known as Dragons Dogma, as once you reach the final FINAL confrontation with the Seneschal, a being that monitors life on Earth. During the trials in order to meet this figure, the Seneschal takes on multiple forms while explaining the cycle of rebirth and death you're trapped in, and as if to illustrate the point, uses the previous character you made on the original run of the game into a host to fight you with.

In this instance, YOU are the final boss, if only for a little bit.

Yet this moment is still an incredibly powerful and wonderful use of the NG+ feature!

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