8 More Video Games Where YOU Are The Final Boss

7. Infamous

doom Eternal
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Sometimes it's not until the final moments of their tenure that a video game boss truly ascends into the realms of being "great" and that was very much the case with Kessler from Infamous, who up until his final confrontation with Cole seemed to be just another man hell-bent on destruction.

Yet after having his ass summarily handed to him by the player, Kessler uses his last ounce of strength to reveal the truth, that he and Cole are the same person, and that this was all but a test in order to make sure that Cole was ready for The Beast, an even greater evil who would show up, and some would say thoroughly disappoint, in the sequel.

In Kessler's time, he chose to run from The Beast instead of fighting and as a result, lost his family when his enemy became too powerful, thus he decided to follow the age-old adage of "don't pout, time travel it out" and skipped back in time to orchestrate the events of The Beast and Coles arrival, while at the same time killing Coles partner so that he could focus on his superhero studies.

Cock blocking yourself? That has to be a new one.

Thus he created the environment for Cole to arrive, take his place, and be ready to tackle The Beast, becoming a villain with a tragic backstory and a horrific interpretation of how to fix the future.

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