8 Most Humiliating Video Game Missions

A hero's work is never done.

Gta 5 Unknowing The Truth

When it comes to video games, one of their great appeals is that they offer a sense of escapism.

You're no longer clocking into the 9-5 and worrying whether the Chessington account will be settled on time, as now you're a literal God Of War or an avatar of pure power and awesome ability.

You're kicking evil right up its snout and then laughing as endless goons melt before your might, and then trading all their charred remains in for some sweet loot with stats that look positively steroidal.

However, not all missions and rewards are created equal and sometimes you're forced through agonizingly long quests not fitting for a hero of our stature for next to zero rewards, or worse still, absolutely no reward at all that serves as nothing more than a reminder that your time was well and truly wasted.

So let's bust out the broom as we're about to do some busy work while Evil burns down the town around us.

8. Doing All Your Chores - No More Heroes

Gta 5 Unknowing The Truth
Grasshopper Manufacture

Do you know what's fun when it comes to video games?

Slicing people in two with beam katanas in a quest for gory glory.

Do you know what's not fun at all when it comes to video games?

Goddam household chores.

Such is the ever-spinning coin that forms the original No More Heroes core gameplay, with one side showing the cheeky face of Suda51 that represents all of the over-the-top, high octane, and utterly batshit boss battles that earned this franchise its brilliant reputation, and on the other side is another Suda51 who is frowning at you and asking where your homework is.

For you see in order to engage in a spot of the old ultra-violence, Suda51 and his team decided that they'd make the player work for it, quite literally in fact, as to buy your passage to the fights you'd need to earn money through sidequests, the majority of which are entirely humiliating.

From mowing lawns to collecting coconuts to collecting garbage, each of these side jobs looks to make you realize the extent you're willing to go to in order to kill another person in combat. Each is a test of your patience, it's a test of your morality and it's a rather genius way of humiliating the player while also making them aware of the cycle of violence they are willingly engaging in.

Still, it's a bit weird to see a high-ranked assassin scrubbing graffiti off walls.

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