8 Nintendo Video Game Movies We NEED To See

Lights, camera, lets'a go.

Metroid dread

There aren't many examples of high-quality video game movies.

Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog are watchable, and The Angry Birds Movie 2 and Werewolves Within are pretty decent, but if you look at just how many have been made there should be some that go beyond "pretty decent".

There are a few reasons they are awful, most of the time. When adapting something like a book into a film you're gaining something, whilst the transition from game to film actually loses something as there's no more interactive element.

Also, video games are often 30-hour epics which are quite hard to translate into a two and a half hour movie. That's why television is actually a better fit for video games, but that's a topic for another day.

But this doesn't mean that video game films couldn't be great with the right material to adapt, and the right people working on it. In fact, even if you're just looking at Nintendo games, there's plenty of material to turn into good movies.

So let's decide which Nintendo franchises deserve a spot on the big screen.

Also, quick note: Mario won't be on this list because there's already a Mario film in the works.

8. Punch-Out!!

Metroid dread

The story of an underdog fighting their way through the ranks in a competitive sport to become the best is a winning formula in movies when done right. Who doesn't love rooting for someone who nobody else believes in?

So yeah, a Punch-Out!! film could definitely work.

Flesh out Little Mac's relationship with Doc Louis, explore the backstory of both characters, make them both much more compelling and you could have a hit on your hands. Watching Little Mac fight through a ton of colourful characters could be a fun and emotional movie.

Due to the lack of a huge amount of Punch-Out!! lore there's a lot of room to flesh out elements to make the series work as a film. For example, they could make Mr. Sandman the antagonist and give him a personal connection to Little Mac to make the rivalry more compelling.

Hell, if they want something like a Nintendo Cinematic Universe then Mario could always be the referee like he is in the NES version of Punch-Out!!. As long as they don't focus on him though, as this should be Little Mac's story.

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