8 Nintendo Video Game Movies We NEED To See

7. Kid Icarus

Metroid dread

Breaking the fourth wall has become cool in recent years. So why not make a film based on the fourth wall breaking Kid Icarus series? It'd be like kid-friendly Deadpool.

Now the movie should definitely ignore most of what is covered in the original Kid Icarus and Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, because even though those games have their merits they're not exactly suitable for a film adaptation.

No, the movie should focus on Kid Icarus: Uprising, as a straight-up adaptation, a sequel featuring the same tone and characters, or something different that's heavily inspired by Uprising. As long as the movie is like Kid Icarus: Uprising then it has the potential of being a great film.

Whilst a movie like this could work in live-action, making it animated would definitely be the best option for a series like this. Animation would allow the magical creatures found in the world of Kid Icarus to truly shine.

A movie focusing on the characters of Pit and Palutena and their humour that revolves around breaking the fourth wall could make for a great film. Even those who have never played a Kid Icarus game before are sure to love it.

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