8 Overpowered Video Game Spells (That Totally SUCK)


eternal darkness


The upturning of natural law in order to achieve something beyond our wildest dreams. It's been the desire of humanity since time immemorial to master the elements or to achieve feats rendered impossible by science and logic, yet thanks to those very same things it's always been out of our reach in the real world.

Yet video games don't play by those rules and as such have carte blanche to mess with space, time, and the universe at large by giving players access to spells that range from deadly to deliciously useful.

That being said, not all magic spells are created equal, and for every cataclysmic fireball that one can conjure, you've got about ten or so utter bin fires that are totally worthless. And that's the less than mediocre magic show we're presenting today so gather round and watch these games fail to pull a rabbit from a hat in favor of pulling total turkey from their backside.

And listen, I'm not going to include Elden Ring in this list because for some reason there's a subset of magic users in the community that insist that being able to sit on the other side of an arena, and spam one spell over and over (or just fire one continuously) is the same difficulty as standing toe to toe with a boss, parrying and ducking its attacks with surgical precision.

It's not... but I'm going to give this a pass today as I don't want my tea to get salt in it.

8. SealAll - Chrono Cross

eternal darkness
Square Enix

Very rare is it for the almighty Chrono Cross to make it into any list containing "worst" in the title, but even Gods can stumble from time to time, and when it came to the "SealAll" spell, Chrono Cross had a tumble that made Professor Nakayama's staircase descent look graceful.

In Chrono Cross, each class is given a specific color called an Innate, which imparts both elemental resistances and weaknesses depending on what other colors are used against them in battle. For example, a character class with an innate White focus will be weak to Black magic and so on. Therefore you're going to want to use spells that enemies are weak to in order to maximize damage, and it's here that the "sealall" spell raises its weirdly shaped head and points to itself with a malicious smile.

This spell, on paper at least, is utterly amazing as what it does is shut off ALL elements in the battle, reducing the damage output of your opponents by blocking access to their most powerful spells and giving you time to either regroup your party or push forward with physical damage. Sounds great right?!

Well in practice you'll soon find little use for SealAll, as regular enemies very rarely require this sort of mute button, and every boss in the game is immune to the spell! and the spell targets everything including your own party. Thus we are left with a spell that can actually shut down all of your spells whilst leaving a boss free to wail on you with their own arsenal.

Just stick with the Diminish spell. For the love of God.


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