8 Popular Nintendo Wii U Games (And Whether They Deserve Switch Ports)

6. Nintendo Land

Wii u fail

Should it be allowed on the Switch: No

Ever since the Wii, Nintendo has created little mini-game compilations to show off the system's capabilities. The Wii had Wii Sports, the Wii U had Nintendo Land, and the Switch had 1-2-Switch. Wii Sports is a lot of fun, 1-2-Switch is an abomination, and Nintendo Land is some of the most fun you'll have on its console.

The game takes place in a Nintendo theme park where you can play numerous different attractions based on different Nintendo properties, each of which show off the Wii U's capabilities.

The game both has great multiplayer games such as Mario Chase, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, and Pikmin Adventure and great games to play if you're all alone such as Takamaru's Ninja Castle and Donkey Kong's Crash Course.

The thing is, whilst this is one of the best Wii U games, all the mini-games were designed with the Wii U in mind. Because of this a point of the game would be impossible to make without losing the game's identity.

The better option would be to make a Nintendo Land 2 for the Switch. If they did that we could all pretend the Switch launched with it and 1-2-Switch never existed.

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