8 Random Video Game Enemies Harder Than Any Boss Battle

Someone's angling for a promotion.

Malboro final fantasy
Square Enix

While some video games pride themselves on boss battles to the extent it becomes one of their main selling points, let's not forget about the goblins, grunts and household goons that back up these big evils as you know what?

Without them, there not only would be a lot of heavy lifting for those in charge, but it'd also make for some pretty sparse and boring video games!

The humble video game enemy might not pose that much of a threat to a seasoned gamer, but sometimes, whether because they're sick of seeing their friends defeated or just because they really are overqualified for the job, end up proving to be a much greater challenge than might first appear.

With unblockable attacks, ambushing tactics, or the ability to just absolutely wail on you, these enemies are angling for a promotion and your head is what they're writing their CV on.

So let's take a look at the goons destined for greater things as these are 8 Random Video Game Enemies Harder Than Any Boss Battle!

8. Lesser Runebear - Elden Ring

Malboro final fantasy

If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise. If you go down in the woods today, OH GOD THIS BEAR IS CLAWING MY EYES.

Such is the little ditty you'll end up singing to yourself over and over should you come a cropper of the one and only Lesser Runebear, which while having the prefix of "Lesser" really couldn't do more to make you feel like a wee little boohoo baby.

Now while there are arguably harder enemies in Elden Ring and indeed there are many boss battles in this title that will utterly embarrass you, the fact that these massive mountains of fur and hate can be encountered within about thirty minutes of playtime really does beg the question of "why. Why do you hate us so Fromsoftware?"

Well, the answer it seems is "just because" as these Lesser Runebears present a challenge unlike anything you'll face in this opening segment, rocking huge health pools, a horrifying ability to dish out insane damage quickly, and of course be able to sprint after you meaning that not even Torrent will be able to save you.

I would make a joke about this situation being "un-bear-able" but in the time it'd take to say this my avatar would have already been turned into a human honey pot.


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