8 Reasons Persona 5 Is One Of The PS4's Most Promising Exclusives

Game of the year contender? This one could very well be game of the decade.

Persona 5

Persona is a big deal. A bigger deal than you might imagine, actually.

It’s a real shame that there’s so many people outside of Japan who aren’t aware of it, but Atlus's string of phenomenal RPGs have turned into quite the special series indeed.

The first game, Revelations: Persona (eventually re-released and retitled as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona) came out all the way back in 1996. The basic premise is that there’s a bunch of supernatural shenanigans forever going on in alternate dimensions or otherwise 'hiding-in-plain-sight'-type places, and a bunch of teenagers gang up to sort it all out.

They’re not doing it through the power of sheer determination, mind you, they’re helped along by these wacky entities called Personas, and they’re pretty cool.

Surprisingly, Persona 5 is the sixth entry in the main series, as there were two mainline Persona 2 games. This time around, our cast become thieves to battle the corruption of modern society alongside all sorts of social pressures and expectations.

Slightly controlled chaos is set to ensue, and here are just a handful of reasons you need to check out yet another immaculate PS4 exclusive in Persona 5, when it drops at the start of April.

8. You're Guaranteed Great Value For Money

Persona 5

Persona 5 is a very, very long game. If you were to sit down and play it from start to finish without breaks, it could very well take you up to around 120 hours from beginning to end.

If the worth of a game were measured on its length alone, it would immediately be a game of the year contender, and to put that into perspective, compare it to other similarly priced AAA games that only last a few hours.

That's a lot of value for money, if nothing else.

When a game is this long, there’s always a major concern that it will perhaps become stale after a while. Persona keeps a steady pace, but it won’t feel like it. Even when you’re not crawling dungeons and are instead attending school or exploring the beautifully-recreated version of Tokyo with your virtual friends, the game never feels dull, and there’s always something interesting, or slightly off-kilter to do.


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