8 Reasons Why Bioshock 2 Is The Definitive Game In The Series

Never given the love it deserves smacked between two classics, Bioshock 2 has surprising depth.

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Now that Bioshock: The Collection is out on Switch, it's the perfect time to take a look back at this storied, steampunk franchise. People fondly remember the new experience of exploring Rapture in Bioshock and the radical leap to the skies of Bioshock Infinite, but how come there is hardly any of the same love for Bioshock 2?

After the game-changing original, Bioshock 2 faced insurmountable expectations. People complained about the story and some of the new gameplay features. Then, the series took a huge jump to the heavens in Infinite with vigor abilities and the captivating Elizabeth to join the protagonist Booker Dewitt (voiced by Troy Baker). Did the series finally reach its peak with these vibrant settings, fleshed out characters, deep storytelling, and refined gameplay?

With all three games packed neatly together in the collection, it's easier than ever to compare and contrast the games. And to its credit, Bioshock 2 stands out in the pack. With an overwhelming amount of Bioshock and Infinite fans out there, here are eight reasons why Bioshock 2 shouldn't be so easily overlooked.

8. The Endings

bioshock 2

Without spoiling anything, the creative lead of Bioshock Ken Levine even admitted that the studio had a hand in making sure Bioshock had multiple endings - with one clearly being worse. Be sure to rescue the Little Sisters.

There are even more endings in the sequel, and they all work. Not only will rescuing or harvesting Little sisters affect the outcome, but there are also three characters along the way whose fates lie in the player's hands.

The story of Bioshock 2 has the player playing as one of the original Big Daddies that has been revived. Playing as Subject Delta, the player's bond is connected to Eleanor Lamb, and a majority of the game is reconnecting that bond to survive. The bond between the two is scientific and artificial in nature, but the beauty of the game is how it naturally progresses into something real.

That bond between the characters results in a well-deserved ending, and both the good and worse endings feel justified based upon the player's previous choices.

It is worth noting, however, that Infinite's ending is quite good - if also mind-boggling. Nothing could ever be just sunshine and rainbows with Bioshock, and that's apparent with how the story of Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth concludes. Also, be sure to stay after the credits.

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