8 Recent Video Game Moments That Literally Blew Your Mind

7. Regaining Your Senses - Psychonauts 2

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Double Fine

It may seem like quite the understatement to say that Psychonauts 2 contains a plethora of moments that will turn your brain to jelly seeing as the game revolves around dipping into people's minds and helping them solve trauma or regain memories, but without a doubt, the Psi-King section Raz experiences midway through the belated sequel is one of the best moments in the franchise if not in platforming history.

And it's one that ironically has you building a cognitive brain from the ground up which at the same time makes your own mind absolutely burst with joy.

Inside the mind of Helmut Fullbear things have gone a bit wrong, and by that I mean he's actually dead and it's up to you to kickstart his functions once more, first by helping him regain his senses and then aiding him in remembering who he was and why he needs to return to the land of the living.

It's a truly emotional setpiece in every sense of the word, as though uncovering his old memories we experience the pain he felt after being seemingly abandoned by his friends.

Yet with the assistance of Raz, Helmut soon recovered his sense of self and ends things in spectacular fashion with a truly rocking song backed up by his friends playing the melody.


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