8 Retro Video Game Consoles You Should Definitely Play In 2020

Does the PS5 have blast processing under the hood? Thought not.


Each new console generation should be better than its predecessor.

As technology improves exponentially for both hardware and software, and developers take what they have learned over the last six or seven years to create more visceral, more immersive, and just plain better games, gaming as a whole is constantly moving forward.

Despite titles like Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, and Marvel’s Avengers still on the 2020 slate for Sony and Microsoft’s current systems, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are looming large on the horizon, teasing us with specs and leaked images.

Add to this the talk of a Switch Pro model which refuses to go away, and gamers are once again looking ahead to the next big thing.

Until we can get these new toys into our homes and hands, looking backwards may actually may be a better proposition than looking forwards.

Given the availability of systems and games and their low price-points, the generally impressive condition of many retro systems and games on the market today, and considering many of the biggest games of the last 12 months are remakes or sequels carrying the very DNA of legacy titles, here are a selection of retro systems gamers should totally check out in 2020.


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