8 RIDICULOUSLY Expensive Video Game Skins (We Totally Want)

4. The BLUE Party Hat - Runescape - $4000

Rocket league

Who doesn't love a good party? It's a chance to kick back, relax, listen to some tinny sounding tunes bursting from your mates speakers as you try your best not to spill your drink or make an ass of yourself. FUN!

But wait? Why are all the guests looking at you? did you say something wrong? Did you insult the host by telling that story where he drank from a dog bowl once when he was pissed? Oh god...they're all wearing blue party hats, and yours is only...GREEN.


So basically this little role play is what it's like going online in Runescape in anything less than the most expensive avatar hat you can get in the game, well for the hardcore fans at least. It's a very odd statement but yet the BLUE party hat is one of the most sought after items in the entire title, not because of it's stat buffs (of which there are none) nor it's protection (again, none) but because it's simply so rare and because blue is just that much cooler.

If you want to join the party you better be prepared to stump up over $4,000 for the invite. Now to be fair there are only a handful in existence and they actually signify something much more than just a novelty.

These hats originally only dropped from a 2001 Xmas item called The Party Cracker, which itself is ludicously expensive, and as time has gone on these hats have only become more and more rare. So if you see one you're not just seeing something cool, but also a part of the games history.


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