8 RIDICULOUSLY Expensive Video Game Skins (We Totally Want)

3. Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog - DOTA 2 - $38,000

Rocket league

If you're a fan of the DOTA series of games, then you'll know of the value of a good courier. These little creatures will assist you in battle by delivering or taking resources from you or your team to and from your base, and they come in all manner of shapes and sizes.

And as you might expect with such a large roster, some of these couriers fetch a whopping price online. This is down to numerous factors affecting their rarity including, the model, their colour and in this instance their effect. As such this random lottery of attributes produced only FOUR Pink Ethereal Flames War Dogs, and as you'd expect when numbering less than you could count on one hand, of course it now fetches a stonking price.

The latest recorded sale of one went for over $38,000! Think of what you could do with that kind of spare cash! However for the buyer it was worth every penny as the rest of the playerbase is fuming with envy, and they get to enjoy the rarest courier in a game they clearly spend a lot of time with.


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