8 Secret Video Game Bosses You Must NEVER Find

Some secrets are better left hidden.

Bayonetta 2
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"It's not about the end, it's the journey." A wonderful saying that tells us that life is to be experienced not simply marched on without passion, love and joy, yet whoever said that probably never thought about video games, as it doesn't always hold up. In this medium the ending of a video game can be one of the most powerful experiences for the player; it can detail huge emotional payoff or an exhilarating boss battle that leaves you sweating with how intense it was.

However video games are often built on false truths, and just because you've beaten the big bad, it doesn't mean you're done. After all, you might have a million bird feathers to collect, a few loose-end NPC quests to take on, or you might just have your hardest challenge yet to come.

I'm speaking of course, about secret bosses that will, in the most layman terms, absolutely batter you like an industrial deep fat fryer.

In fact, you might say that it's in your best interest to leave these powerhouses alone and call it a day.

However if you're in the mood to punish yourself, then let me walk you through some of the more hidden bosses that chewed you up and spat you out.

Just don't say we didn't warn you.

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