8 Secret Video Game Bosses You Must NEVER Find

8. Nick Bruiser - Super Punch Out

So you've just beaten Super Macho Man on Super Punch Out! good for you! Bet that felt brilliant to leather that posing prick and now you can pronounce Little Mac as being the best boxer on the planet. Jobs done and it's time to go check on all of those concussions you've likely received and also file some lawsuits against the cheaters you've had to beat to get here.

Wait what do you mean there are 4 more even more boxers to beat? I can't see them?

Oh, well that's because you've got to beat the entire game without being knocked down once in order to unlock the super secret Special Circuit which has easily the toughest opponents in the game.

Even getting to the final boss that is Nick Bruiser is no mean feat, so consider yourself lucky if you can even get into the ring with the man with the never-ending forehead. Still if you do manage to prove yourself you're likely to be stuck on this boss for a long old while as he can down you in three shots or less, has a ridiculous combo which he sneaks an elbow into, and finally is an absolute sponge for damage meaning that if feels like you're punching with pillows around your gloves while his are filled with bricks.

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