8 Secret Video Game Cutscenes That Change EVERYTHING

Little-known gaming moments you need to see.

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Dan Salvato

Whether a means to further a game’s narrative, linger on an emotionally charged moment, or simply a way to show off what's capable on impressive new hardware, cinematic sequences have been integral to video games for decades.

With Sony's push for narrative driven exclusives like Horizon Zero Dawn or Ghost of Tsushima, and critics celebrating meaningful storytelling across the board, video game cutscenes will always play an important part of the way games are made.

But what happens when a player deviates from the natural path of progression, discovering secret scenes that offer unique, interesting and unexpected moments?

Developers frequently use these scenes to add some silly insider jokes to an otherwise bleak setting, or as a nod to games gone by.

Sometimes, these mysteries become a way to explore the darker side of games, so with that in mind, let's delve into scenes that not everybody got to see.


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