8 Secret Video Game Endings You Didn’t Know Exist

They didn't always go the way you think.

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When most people hear the term 'alternative ending', they think of DVD extras sections, but they're actually more common in video games these days. Many blockbuster releases have several possible conclusions; the outcome of the story varying based on the player's performance and the decisions they made throughout.

The concept of alternative endings was popularised by Square in the mid-1990s when it launched its SNES hit Chrono Trigger, a game with 13 possible conclusions - a figure that was unheard of during the 16-bit era. This struck a chord with players, many of whom replayed the game multiple times in a bid to experience all of its outcomes.

Since then, alternative endings have become far more common. Some are straightforward, a simple case of taking a different path at a crossroads, but others have been well hidden or are challenging to unlock.

There are completionists out there who won't rest until they've played a game to its every possible conclusion, but even they may not be aware of the top-secret endings classic games have been concealing.

8. The New Mr X - Streets Of Rage

Heavy Rain

Most classic beat-em-ups take players on a linear path paved with knocked-out teeth and broken bones, but Sega Mega Drive smash Streets of Rage dared to be different by offering several potential conclusions.

The game's most controversial ending only occurred if you reached the final boss, Mr X, in two-player mode and returned a split decision when the bad guy offers you the chance to join his evil criminal organisation.

This kicks off a fight to the death between the two players and the victor is then given another chance to side with Mr X. If you answered 'yes' the first time and spurned him the second, he attempts to kill you and a good old-fashioned final boss battle begins.

Killing Mr X after betraying your partner kicked off Streets of Rage's 'bad ending' in which the player is pictured on the villain's throne having taken his place as the city's kingpin.

At least it beats rescuing another generic damsel in distress.

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