8 Seemingly Forgotten Video Games That Need To Be Revived

Move over Call of Duty, we want to play online Destruction Derby!

Gaming series live and die. They are no different to franchises in any other entertainment medium in this regard, as new properties are constantly developed to compete with and replace existing ones that end as a result of poor sales, poor reception, creative decisions and all sorts of other reasons. Death is not always the end, however, as although they haven't been as prevalent within the gaming industry as they have been in Hollywood, revivals and reboots of classic series' are seemingly always on the horizon. Such things can be something of a double-edged sword for fans, who are typically excited for new releases but wary of the fact that they can be unscrupulous cash-ins, disappointments or full-blown atrocities that butcher memories of the original greats (here's looking at you, Tony Hawk). Despite this, however, there are a number of classic franchises that many would love to see revived, as the originality and unique enjoyment that they once offered has not been replicated in a commercial environment now dominated by identikit sports games and first-person shooters. Eight of these are profiled over the course of the coming pages, none of which have seen a release in at least a decade (excluding remakes).

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