8 Smart Video Games With Incredibly Dumb Twists

8. Fallout 3 - He’s Literally Standing Next To Me

Fallout 3 Fawkes

Here is a riddle:

Q. When is heroically sacrificing yourself by entering a fatally irradiated water purifier actually just a really stupid, pointless death that could have easily have been avoided if Fallout 3’s writers had communicated with each other at all during development?

A. When you have a huge slab of green beef-buddy standing right next you, who huffs up radiation like it’s the sweet fumes of a lightly toasted marshmallow, and is entirely capable of moseying into the purifier, flicking a switch, then lying down for a fifteen minute power nap, before leaving without even the lightest throat tickle.

In Bethesda’s defence, the free Broken Steel DLC did fix this issue. In Bethesda’s non-defence, hindsight has taught us that the themes and lore of Fallout mean about as much to them as customer loyalty. As in, not at all.

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