8 Star Wars Video Game Franchises EA Should Reboot

Battlefront's had its time to shine, but what about the rest?


Since EA acquired one of the most lucrative licenses known to man, just two Star Wars games have been released under its tenure. The first - DICE's revival of the beloved Battlefront - showed promise, but was ultimately hamstrung by a lack of content and direction.

The sequel, despite its objective improvement over the first, fell foul of its greedy monetisation model (and the subsequently tone-deaf damage control) but now, finally, fans are on the cusp of getting the one thing we've all been waiting for since news of Disney and EA's partnership first hit the headlines.

Titanfall and Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has been awarded the enviable (or unenviable, if Visceral's ill-fated attempt is any indication) task of delivering a proper, solo Star Wars experience with this year's Jedi: Fallen Order, and fans can only hope for it to buck EA's losing streak.

But what's next? There's so much history for the publisher to choose from, and we've formulated a shortlist of other beloved adventures set in a Galaxy Far, Far Away that deserve a revival on the scale enjoyed by Battlefront.

No loot boxes though, ta very much.


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