8 Strangest Examples Of Censorship In Video Games

Taking the "sense" out of censorship.


Since the early days of Night Trap and Mortal Kombat, video games and censorship have never really seen eye to eye.

Lots of developers seem to enjoy pushing the boundaries in their games and, ever since the formation of the ESRB, video games have a long standing history of self-censorship. Publishers want their games accessible to as many people as possible, so go out of their way to alter their products for different age groups and nationalities in a bid to please everyone at once.

From a financial standpoint, it makes a lot of sense.

However, sometimes censoring a game can result in a black void of sorts that leaves nonsensical plot-holes and confusing blank spaces in its wake. Sometimes, censoring a game for oddly contrived reasons results in the game being left in a state that only serves to confuse and bewilder the player. Sometimes, the reason behind the censorship is far less interesting than the way the localisation team goes about censoring it.

...and sometimes a publisher accidentally puts a fully rendered vagina in their game. What a time to be alive.


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