8 Terrible Video Games Made By Amazing Developers

7. Shrek - DICE

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Though they've always created amazing multiplayer games, DICE only really skyrocketed to superstardom at the start of the 2010s, gaining fame as the Battlefield series became a genuine mainstream phenomenon.

Before that franchise became big enough to rival Call of Duty though, DICE didn't have the luxury of being able to pour all their resources into games they actually wanted to make. That led to a couple of strange early projects which were a far cry away from the style of titles the developers would later become known for.

That said, how they ever ended up creating a tie-in game to the original Shrek is a complete mystery. Following a completely different plot and essentially just being fetch quests and wonky platforming, the title was an utter disaster - even when compared to other licensed releases from the time.

Even then though, the game was notable for being one of the most-visually impressive titles to launch alongside the original Xbox. Yeah, that should have been enough of an indication that the console was doomed from the start.

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