8 Things EA's UFC 4 Must Do Better Than UFC 3

How EA can elevate the series from a journeyman to champion status.

UFC 4 Khabib Nurmagomedov

EA's UFC series is nearing the end of its usual 24-month cycle and the rumours of the next entry in the series being announced are beginning to drip down the gaming grapevine.

EA UFC 3 was one of the best MMA games players had gotten yet. The change in striking from an arcade button masher to a more traditional fighting game based style that heightened the skill and competitiveness of fights was a breath of fresh air.

While the series has always looked beautiful, played well and gotten mostly positive critical reception, there's a general feeling it hasn't captured the greatness of THQ's Undisputed series that came before it.

For every leap forward UFC 3 made, it also lingered in the past with questionable business tactics, out-dated game modes and an unwillingness to give gamers what other sports series have offered them for decades at this point.

Here are the ways that EA can improve in the next game to truly let the series shine bright and escalate it from a respectable gatekeeper to a contender for the title.

In the words of the legendary Bruce Buffer, "IT'S TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!"

8. Build Upon The Striking, Don’t Remove

UFC 4 Khabib Nurmagomedov
EA Sports

UFC 3’s stand up fighting system is the best any MMA-based game has seen to date. It truly prides skill, timing and statistics management over simple button mashing or cheap tactics.

The difference between winning and losing is on par with a real fight, and a wrongly timed sway or misguided take-down can spell an instant end to the chances of getting your hand raised.

There's no reason to drop anything so instead EA needs only build upon this with more moves to throw, martial arts to pick from and unique fighter stances to play around with.

There's a decent variety of kicks and jabs, but any person who practices the sport will tell you there's a whole lot more that can be packaged in.

With some new additions, players can cater their fighter's stand up even more to how they wish to approach a fight and also give them the opportunity to test their mettle against an even larger range of styles coming at them.


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