8 Things EA's UFC 4 Must Do Better Than UFC 3

7. An Overhauled Create-A-Fighter

The fact UFC 3’s create-a-fighter feature is almost entirely copied and pasted from UFC 2 was disappointing for fans hoping to get their hands on some more cosmetic choices.

A couple of new snazzy tattoos and a fuller beard are pretty much all players got for their buck after loading up the game and the whole mode is generations behind the pack. Even fighter walkouts and celebrations are still tied to their AI settings with no player freedom or customization.

Though WWE games rule the roost when it comes to creation suite features, it's not just the number of wacky garments they have on offer that makes them better.

UFC 3 only allows you to make a measly 21 characters. That's enough for a single event or two characters per weight class. When sports titles such as NHL 19 allowed you to make 666 players, or Madden gave you a staggering 3135 slots to fill at the last count, it makes UFC 3 feel like a downright Scrooge.

It would cost nothing to bump the number up to say, 150, though it's confusing as to why a limit is introduced at all in these games beyond memory issues. A superior, more varied character creator can lengthen the lifespan of the game as people conjure up their own fantasy leagues, and keeps the community fresh with ideas in UFC 4.

Freddy versus Jason must be settled in the cage, with the winner taking on Michael Myers for the Horror Icon Title.


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