8 Things Steam OS Needs To Become An Alternative To Windows

8. An Easy To Use Installation

SteamOS is based on Linux €“ this is clear on every step of the current installation procedure. Valve told us that only experienced Linux users are going to be able to make the software work at this point, and they weren't kidding. As it currently stands, trying to install this version of SteamOS is a fool's errand. It simply refuses to start up, no matter what combination of discs, USBs or hardware you're trying to get it installed on. After a healthy amount of fiddling around, you'll probably make stuff work, but this is something that has to be heavily simplified in the upcoming months. Now, I understand this is an early beta and everything, but what Linux distribution is known to be easy to install? The answer is €“ none. Thus, Valve has to make their system easy on nerves when it comes to actually making it work. Being free isn't always enough.
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