8 Things That Make You Angry Playing FIFA 17

Or exactly why your controller keeps getting smashed.

FIFA 17 Anger
EA Sports

Fifa 17 Ultimate Team is undoubtedly fun and engaging, but it's also hugely infuriating. Opening packs and drafts, and the dreaded life sucker that is FUT Champions are doing their best to make our social lives as dead as Jose Mourinho's credibility.

Matches are more dramatic, losses more heartbreaking and victories more satisfying. Thus, EA have done a great job of keeping us distracted from our jobs, families and friends. Our new Road to Glory with a Gabon/Norwegian/Australian league hybrid has never seemed so important.

Yet there as those moments when online matches become a chore and worse those that make your blood boil. You may even consider closing your account; crying yourself to sleep over the amount your bank account has sacrificed for virtual soulless FIFA points. But still you play, because how the hell could you not?

Here are eight things in FIFA 17 that make you angry.

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